English Teacher Training and Paid Internship

2 Weeks TEFL Training, Rural School Paid Internship

SEE TEFL has taught a standard 4-week 120-hour TEFL Course for over seven years with 600+ successful graduates. SEE TEFL now offers a Teacher Training and Paid Internship opportunity twice per year, coinciding with the start of the two Thai school semesters.

The SEE TEFL Internship Program is an ideal way for people who wish to experience the real Thailand as a paid English language teacher but who are not ready to commit to a 4-week training course and a teaching commitment longer than 5 months. The Internship involves pre-arrival classroom familiarization training, 2 weeks face-to-face classroom skills and cultural awareness induction training in Chiang Mai, and then a paid 1-semester (4-5 months) teaching job in a rural or provincial Thai formal school.

Teaching Essentials and English Teacher Internship Placement Program

Our TEFL Internship induction training in Chiang Mai will equip you with the essentials you’ll need before you step into the classroom: classroom management techniques, a simple common-sense teaching methodology, language awareness, cultural considerations, some Thai language and bags of confidence.

Each TEFL Internship participant receives a guaranteed job with a salary of not less than 25,000 baht per month. This provides a very comfortable life style in Thailand. It’s possible to save enough money from this salary during the internship period to afford at the end of the teaching placement a few months traveling Thailand and SE Asia and/or sitting on a beach under a palm tree.

The academic year in Thailand runs from early May to late March. Our teacher placement and the two induction training sessions coincide with the start of the two academic semesters in early May (First Semester) and late October (Second Semester) each academic school year. Induction sessions take place for two weeks in culturally-rich Chiang Mai, Thailand during April and early October.

Thai Holidays and Teacher Training Essentials

Our April intake shares in the excitement and water fight madness of the 5-day Songkran holiday celebrated to mark the start of the Thai New Year. October’s induction finishes approximately a month before Loy Krathong / Yi Peng, the 3-night festival of floating lights. The internship fee includes comfortable resort accommodation during the 2-week induction period in Chiang Mai.

The Real Thailand Awaits

The real Thailand can only be visited by straying from the beaten path. After induction training finishes, you’ll have one or two weeks to relax and travel before you need to make your way to your teaching placement. You’ll have plenty of support from our staff who will advise on transport and accommodation. Teaching placements are always in formal schools in towns far from tourist crowds. In fact, it’s highly likely you won’t meet a tourist during your placement. There will be other foreigners in the internship placement town, but these are likely to be other teachers, adventurous travelers or expats. However, when the urge for a burger or pizza grows strong, large cities with McDonalds and Pizza Hut are never more than a few hours away by local bus.

SEE TEFL and TEFL Internships

Why should you choose SEE for your TEFL Internship? During the last 7 years we have trained over 600 people like you to teach English as a second language. We believe we are very good at what we do. Google SEE TEFL for blogs and reviews written by previous participants of our programs to discover that previous participants feel the same. Also, take a look at the SEE TEFL YouTube channel and SEE TEFL Facebook Page. Then take some time to consider this life-changing opportunity.

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TEFL Internship Eligibility Requirements

Teaching placements are normally for 1 semester of 4–5 months. However, placements that start at the beginning of the academic year (Semester 1) have the option of extending their placement to 1 academic year for no additional charge.

Requirements for Participants of the TEFL Internship

  • Be physically and mentally fit.
  • Be adaptable and flexible.
  • Be a university graduate and hold a recognized bachelor’s degree.
  • Be no older than 55 and no younger than 21.
  • Be an English native speaker (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand).
    • South Africans are not considered native speakers by the Thai Ministry of Education. Therefore, in order to join the Internship program they will need to show evidence of a language proficiency of:
      • TOEIC – 600, or
      • TOEFL – 550, or
      • IELTS – 5.5

These are easy to achieve standards for anyone whose first language is English. A TOEIC testing center is located 200m from our school.

It’s not necessary to possess previous teaching experience or to know any Thai language. Induction training will equip you with teaching and Thai basics. This training will give you the ability to make a confident and successful start to your teaching experience.

Placements are in formal Thai schools. Opportunities exist to teach in kindergarten (anubahn), primary school (pratom), secondary school (matayom) and colleges working Monday to Friday from around 7:30am to 4:00pm each day. A working week normally involves 18 – 22 teaching periods of between 50 and 60 minutes.

TEFL Internship Fees and Dates

The standard fee for the complete course is $1,295 USD. Payment is made in two parts:

  • $495 USD deposit payment which reserves the place on the course
  • $800 USD balance payment, which is due at the end of the first day of the course

Note that payment includes 2 weeks resort accommodation during the induction period in Chiang Mai.

Some participants may want to consider various ideas for raising funds to cover the cost of the SEE TEFL Internship

Second Semester, 2013 First Semester, 2014
Training Dates 30 Sep – 11 Oct, 2013 31 Mar – 11 Apr, 2014
Internship Length 4-5 Months 4-5 Months
Seats Available Yes Yes
  • Note: For 2014-2015, the Ministry of Education is planning to delay the start of the academic year by 1 month in order to make the Thai academic year consistent with other ASEAN countries. It is very difficult to find definitive information on this. If the change happens, the Songran program will need to start post-Songran and the Loy Krathong program in early November in 2014 (closer to Loy Krathong / Yi Peng).

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Teacher Training and Teaching Internship Details

TEFL Teacher Training Components

There are two training components:

  • Pre-arrival: Videos and assignments that introduce classroom management skills and review common grammar terminology.
  • Post-arrival: 2 weeks of face-to-face group training that focuses on developing essential EFL classroom teaching skills and language awareness. In addition, there is basic Thai language instruction, cultural awareness training and excursions.

TEFL Salary – Paid Internship

Interns are paid at least 25,000 Thai baht per month during the placement period. Thailand has low living costs, so this provides a very comfortable lifestyle while teaching in Thailand. This internship is actual employment by a school in Thailand. Interns must be employed by a school in order to obtain non-imm B visas and work permits.

Inclusive Resort-style Accommodation

Resort accommodation with breakfast is included in the Internship fee for two weeks during post-arrival training in Chiang Mai. Rooms are shared with other same-sex Interns. Single-occupancy can be arranged for an additional fee.

After training and during placement periods, Interns are responsible for the cost of their own accommodation. However, comfortable 1-bedroom apartments only cost between 3,000 and 5,000 Thai baht per month. This will usually include air-conditioning, a double bed and a separate bathroom. Thai apartments rarely have kitchen areas as most Thais eat out as eating food at restaurants or takeaway from markets is very inexpensive.

Transportation to and around Thailand

  • Budget flights to Thailand are available through Kayak and Orbitz and travel affordable travel in the region can be found on Bangkok Airlines and Air Asia.
  • Fixed-rate taxis cost between 150-200 Thai Baht (around 5-8 USD) from Chiang Mai airport to the resort accommodation and are available 24 hours each day.
  • Traveling around Thailand by bus, train or plane is inexpensive and convenient. We will advise on transport between Chiang Mai and the placement school.

Extra Costs and Budgeting

It is recommended that Interns budget $30 USD per day (1,000 THB) to cover living expenses during the time between completing training and their first salary payment. This period will range between 5 and 8 weeks, as salaries are usually paid at the end of the working month.

Thai Visa Support for Training and Internship

SEE TEFL will provide paperwork to support 3-month single-entry non-immigrant B (Business) visa applications. It is most convenient to do this in your home country before departure. However, this visa can also be obtained from the Thai embassy in Vientiane, Laos during the period after training and before placement. Placement schools are responsible for obtaining work permits and extending visas to cover the placement period.

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Choosing Between a 4-Week TEFL and the TEFL Internship

The vast majority of TEFL teacher trainees will select the traditional 4-Week TEFL course. However, this unique TEFL Internship will appeal to some of our future English teachers.

4-week TEFL certification

  • Work anywhere in Thailand, SE Asia or the world
  • Choose the type of school, location and age group
  • Comprehensive training
  • Experience during training 6 observed teaching practices in real schools with a range of real students
  • Fulfills a general employment requirement for TEFL teaching jobs around the world

TEFL Internship

  • Guaranteed job
  • Cannot choose the type of school, location and age group; however, we will endeavor to meet our Intern’s preferences
  • Experience the real Thailand
  • Get paid a minimum of 25,000 Thai baht per month
  • 4-5 month commitment
  • Inclusive training with resort accommodation

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